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Friday, March 30, 2012

Even Shopping Makes Me Sad.....

I needed to buy some new clothes before going back to work on the 9th, and so husband and I went shopping this past weekend.  Wow, let me tell you how much that sucked!!!  I hated every minute of it and didn't even buy anything (which is practically unheard of for me).  It wasn't anything that husband said or did, its just that I should be shopping at the maternity store.  I'm not supposed to be buying normal clothes yet.  And then, there is my body, which for the most part has gone back to its original size (I'm about at the same weight, which I will admit is still over weight but oh well) but my stomach is bigger cuz it got stretched out.  I don't think I've ever hated clothes shopping more than I did that day.  I felt like I didn't belong any where.  Plus, I don't even know where to shop any way.  I mean Im too big for Abercrombie and the old lady clothes in the petite section at Macy's are so not my style.  Plus, since money doesn't actually grow on trees, its not like I can just go and blow $300 on a super cute pair of jeans.  Yet another reason why I miss being pregnant....I didn't have to think about where to shop (not to sound stupid, but this made me cry) I would just got to one of the maternity stores and buy what looked cute.  Also, let me tell you how much I HATE buying jeans.  I need the ones that are short (cuz Im only about 5'2) and they are hard to come by.  The ones that fit my hips are normally 6 inches too long and the ones that are the right length are normally the opposite of low rise and go half way up my stomach.  And, since I like the flared jeans, even if I bought the ones that were 6 inches too long and had them hemmed the only part that would be cut off would be the flare and then Id just look stupid!!!   But, what do you know, the second that I needed maternity jeans we went to the nearest maternity store and the first pair of jeans I tried on fit perfectly.  Anyway... I went to Kohl's today because I have had luck there in the past and bought 2 pairs of jeans and a cute shirt.  I didn't cry this time while trying on clothes.  I didn't even cry when I returned the Coach diaper bag that I bought a few months ago.  Nope, I made it almost all the way home when (in a stroke of pure genius on my part) I decided it would be a good idea to change the radio from talk news to country music.  And what should be playing....nothing but Butterfly Kisses.  Yup, that sent me into tears instantly.  But hey, at least this time it wasn't the mail that made me cry!!  Now I just need the warm weather to come back.....

**Random Story**
About a year ago, after some long shopping days with my husband that consisted of me going to a bunch of stores and trying almost every pair of jeans they had in stock on, he had a brilliant idea......why don't I try on the jeans from the girls department at Kohls.  Well, I thought it was nuts but I decided to humor him. I never would have guessed that a girls size 16.5 would fit me :)  I just have to take out the elastic sizing thing inside the pants cuz its annoying. PS~a girls 16.5 is about equal to a ladies 11 or 12 :)

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