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Friday, March 4, 2016

I Plan and God Laughs.....

So today I was actually excited, I even did my hair and makeup.  My three year old had his three year check up and then my mom and I were going to take the kids to the Sea Life Aquarium  and then let them play in the middle of the mall at the kids play area, followed by lunch at Rainforest Cafe.  Well, on the way to the dr my three year old got sick.  And I mean really sick.  So I had to take his jacket off before we went into the dr office.  When we got in the office they gave me a bucket and a bag for his clothes.  They called us right back and the nurse helped me to clean him off.  I had an extra pair of paints for him but not an extra shirt.  Now mind you we live in Michigan and its like 27 outside so he cannot go outside with nothing on.  I ended up giving him my sweater (which was brand new and almost down to his toes) and I wore my jacket zipped all the way up so no one could see all I had on was my bra.  Yup, God was laughing...

We went to my moms house which was less than a mile down the road and she had backup tops for him along with a hoodie.  I cleaned out his car seat for about 30 minutes which was enough to make it rideable but it still needs to be taken apart and washed in the washing machine.

Then we went out to lunch.  He drank a little bit of juice while my 1 year old, myself, and mom ate our lunch.  We even met a nice police officer who stopped to talk to the boys.

So that was my morning.....I hope everyone else had a better one, but Im still smiling today.

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