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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Today should be my husbands first Father's Day with Bristol.  Instead we will be spending it alone, wishing that she could be here with us today.  I bought DH a hand made care from the UK (I was unable to locate a Fathers Day Card that said, Happy Father's Day from Heaven here in the US, remind me to contact Mr. Hallmark himself and have a word with him) that I will be giving him today.  I wish I had more to give him, but a card and the prayer below are all I have......I love you my sweets.  And Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful man in the entire world.  I am sure that Bristol is sending you love from Heaven today!!!

Our Father…Who art in Heaven
I come to you with a heavy heart today
I know you know…but I have lost my child
And am feeling like I have lost my way.

People seem to think I am so strong
I am not invincible…I am not superman.
I am just a grieving Father…missing my child
And could use a friendly helping hand.

I have always been the typical fixer-upper type of Dad
I could fix anything…ever since I was ten
But I cannot fix the clock of time.
Please God, can you help me wind it up again?

Please bless all the grieving Fathers
Each hour throughout this day
With the strength to keep moving ahead
Even one baby step at a time…would be okay.

Please bless all grieving Fathers
Each day throughout this week
And guide them on their journey of grief
As the meaning of life they do seek.

Please bless all grieving Fathers
Each week this whole month through
With memories to last a lifetime
And understanding friends to turn to.

Please bless all grieving Fathers
Each month throughout this year
With hugs to comfort…in our time of need
And people to realize…our grief just doesn't disappear.

Please bless all grieving Fathers
Each Year until the end of time
With faith in You…to see us through
From sunrise to sunset…for our whole lifetime.

Please God bless all grieving Fathers
Each day throughout this year
As seasons change
And time unfolds
Day by day
Month by month
Year by year
And especially today… on this Father's Day.

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