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Sunday, June 3, 2012

All Clear

So on Wednesday I went back to the RE's office.  It was the first time Id been back there since we lost Bristol.  To my surprise, walking in the doors wasn't that hard.  It wasn't until they led me back into the room where an ultrasound machine was waiting that it hit me...the last time I was there Bristol was inside me and the last the I saw an ultrasound machine was when the dr was telling us that Bristol was gone.  Luckily by the time it hit me the nurse had left the room so I was able to fall to pieces alone.  

I didn't think it was going to be that long before the doctor came in to do the saline sonogram so I got undressed and sat on the table/bed thing (leaving my cell phone in my purse).  While Im waiting for the doctor to come in the room my mind started wondering some of the craziest the doctor going to notice my toe nails???  Cuz the pedicure is starting to wear off and my nails looked terrible.  And what about my legs???  Is the doctor gonna care that I didn't shave my legs the night before???  And why is there a tooth brush next to the sink???  After what seemed like a long time without the doctor coming in I got up and got my cell phone....without anything to entertain me it was going to be a long wait and left to my own devices I think up some pretty weird things.  So I emailed back and forth with a friend for about 30 minutes before the doctor finally came in.

The saline sono hurt like hell.  I don't remember the HSG test hurting that much.  But according to our RE I have a "beautiful uterus."  While the doctor was preforming the test I was going over with her all of the information that I had and asking her opinion on a whole range of topics.  After the procedure was over I was given the all clear to start another IUI with injectable medication on our next cycle.  The dr said that she also wants me to be on an injectable blood thinner called Heprin once we get a positive beta test.  

So next cycle we will be starting over...hoping to tell our child all about the sister that they have in Heaven!!!

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