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Sunday, December 9, 2012

28 Weeks...

This past Thursday was our 28 week appointment.  We had an ultrasound scheduled for 8:30am and the actual dr visit scheduled for 9:10am.  After both appointments I was going to take my glucose test. This was another milestone in the baby growing process as last time we never made it to the glucose test...we were going to take it after our appointment but at said appointment we were told that Bristol was gone and then there was no reason for the test.  We left that bottle of orange stuff on the lunch try when we walked out of the room on 2/25/12.

Thursday was going to be different though, I had checked the heartbeat in the morning and plus he was moving around like crazy so I wasn't worried.  Though I did have great pause when the us tech lead us to the room in which we were told Bristol was gone...I would have requested a different room but I was afraid Id look like a nut.  The ultrasound went well...lo is measuring a week ahead of where he should be and everything looked good.  Everything that is, except the amnionic fluid level. In a normal pregnancy the level should be between 5-25.  Mine was 28...a mild case of polyhydramnios.  Some of these cases are caused by gestational diabetes, some caused for unknown reasons, and some are due to congenital defects.  The us tech told us he was going to meet with the dr to go over the results of the us and then he would be right back (this is normal practice for them).  I thought I was going to die when, a few minutes later, the director of the maternal fetal medicine department (same dr that told us Bristol was gone and sat with us to explain what was going to happen) walked into our room.  This time was different though, she had a smile on her face and she told us that the baby looked good and that she just wanted me to get tested for gestational diabetes.  We told her that we were happy to see her under better circumstances.

The rest of our appointment went well and at 11am I was getting my blood drawn for my gestational diabetes test.  When I called the office back a few hours later they let me know that I had failed the test and they wanted me to do a 3 hour test to get a better picture of what was going on.  So tonight at 10:30pm I am no longer allowed to eat and tomorrow at 8am I will be back at the office for that test.

Im not as worried this time (not that I will actually breathe easy until this lo is in my arms) because he has been moving around like crazy, he is a healthy size, and so far everything is looking normal.  The us tech even took some 3D images for us....(the middle one is actually of me and my brothers new puppy, but my "bump" looks cute and doesnt everyone like puppies??)

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  1. Oh yay! I've been looking forward to an update. What a tough experience, but I'm so glad to hear that your LO is doing so well. Sending you positive thoughts for tomorrow. Good to find it out and get care.