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Monday, August 13, 2012

Second Freak Out

A new week a new freak out.....

Well, I went to my second high risk appointment this past Friday.  I was scared because it was my first time going to U of M by myself.  I didn't know if I could handle actually being there alone and second (and perhaps a bit weirder) was that I have a crazy fear of parking decks (especially tight ones) and the parking deck at U of M is usually full and the only spots take an expert driver to be able to park in them.  But once I found a parking spot easily I was on my way.  I took the wrong elevators which actually put me right in front of the fetal diagnostic center (which is where we were told that Bristol was gone) and that made my eyes tear up.  Once I made it to the OB clinic, tt was actually pretty uneventful.  I met with the dr who did the quickest ultrasound ever.  We saw the baby (but she didn't do any measurements) and we saw the heartbeat (which was reassuring to me).  Then they sent me on my way.  Everything was going well until this past Saturday...thats when I started to have stomach pains.  They actually feel like gas pains (sorry if you don't want to hear this part) but they hurt and actually cause pain when Im sitting.  But how can I be sure its just gas pains???  What if its something else???  I ended up calling the triage department on Sunday to ask if they have any suggestions.  They told me I can take Gas X and then asked what I had to eat within the last 48 hours.  I told her what I had eaten (standard food for myself) and she laughed and told me that any one of the food groups has been known to cause gas in pregnant women, even stuff that doesn't normally cause gas.  The Gas X has helped a little bit but the pain is still there, thus Im still worried.  I had some random nightmare last night that didn't do anything to help ease my freak out.  Im pretty certain that every random ache or pain from below my boobs to the bottom of my lady bits is gonna freak me out until this baby is born and safely in my arms!!!  And then prolly till Im gone.....

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