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Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Haunted House...

I'm going to take a break from my normal blog topics and tell you the story of my house. Sounds boring, right??? I WISH!!! The actual story is anything but...what you are about to read is real. It's happened over the last 3.5 years at my house. Think of it as you wish....this is my story.

So when DH and I met over 10 years ago we were both still living at our parents houses. About a year after we started dating we got engaged. At that time we bought a condo (big mistake as it was 2004 and the housing market was just a few years away from tanking)...big mistake but what did we know? The condo was nice, except I'm not meant for condo living....I like to listen to my country music loud while cleaning. And there was this jerk who lived across from us who thought he owned the grass in front of his unit and he yelled at me every time my dogs went to the bathroom on "his" yard. Whatever JERK!!! The condo wasn't all bad though, we met these wonderful people who moved in next door to us. And though we have both since moved we are still friends. And even though we don't see them anywhere near enough, they are close friends who have been super supportive. Anyway, in 2010 we decided that we would start looking for a house to buy and rent out our condo. After a few months of searching we found one that I loved and my husband was happy with it too. As the house buying goes there were ups and downs but on April 30th we closed on the house. And after two weeks of hard labor on DH's part we were finally ready to move in. On May 15th 2010 we packed up the condo and moved the gang (2 dogs and 1 cat) 45 miles across town to a colonial more in the country. 

It didn't take long...the weird stuff started happening on our very first night. About 2am we crashed and fell asleep almost immediately. About 5am we were awoken by a loud crashing sound. We went to investigate only to discover the hook that was holding up a poster gave out and the framed poster came crashing down. Simple enough, but it was one of those J hooks and the frames's wire was resting in the bottom part so it didn't make a lick of sense that the entire hook had opened up. The next morning DH bent the hook back to its original shape, hammered it back in the wall, and hung the poster back's been there ever since. 

Over the next few months our garage door would randomly open and close. We chalked that up to the opener being on the same frequency as another garage door opener. Then one fall evening while DH was still at work I was vacuuming the house. I finished and put the vacuum away. I popped my head into the guest bedroom to turn the light off and what I saw changed my view on my house forever!!!  On the side of the room opposite the door, in my freshly vacuumed carpet was the perfect footprint. It was a big manly size footprint. I was so freaked out and thinking no one would ever believe me I took a photo. At that point I was ready to call the people from Paranormal Witness but DH was still not convinced.

A few months later one evening I was getting ready to take a bath (DH was on his way home from work). I put my clothes in the hamper and noticed the access door to our attic was ajar. I figured DH had just been up there and didn't close it all the way. So when he got home I asked him why he had been in the attic. I wasn't prepared for his response, "I haven't been in the attic in well over a month." Needless to say my suspicion that my house is haunted continued to grow. 

About a month later DH and I along with both dogs and our cat were watching TV in our bedroom when we heard footsteps coming up our stairs. Since we were all upstairs we knew it wasn't one of us...DH flew to get his gun and then went to investigate. After a through investigation of our house turned up nothing we went back to bed (with the alarm set that's for sure).

In October of 2011 we went to our first homeowners association meeting.  After the meeting was over we were standing around talking to some of the other people at the meeting (we tend to keep to ourselves and we don't know too many of our neighbors). The husband of the president of the association came up to us and we were talking. When we told him where we lived he said that he already knew, that we lived in "the dead guys house." WHAT?!?!?!? Long story short, the guy who used to live here lived here with his wife, daughter, and mother. He was a higher up for one of the domestic automakers and in 2009 when they started to fail he lost his job. When his money ran out his wife left him. Being unable to support his family he committed suicide in the garage.  Now I was starting to regret buying a foreclosed house....had we bought it from a person and not a bank they would have been required to disclose that at the time of purchase...

Things continued on and off for the next few years...we'd hear footsteps on the stairs, our dogs would all of a sudden start growling at nothing and on occasion our cat would have her hair stand up and start running around like crazy. And sometimes I'd feel like I wasn't alone in the house.

Then in October of 2012 we were having our basement finished. The tile guy who did the tile in the bathroom is also an EMT for our local fire department. When we started talking to the guy he mentioned that this wasn't the first time he had been in our house....he had responded to the call when the former owner killed himself. So we tried to ask him questions about what had happened but due to privacy laws he was unable to tell us any more than we already knew. He did tell us one thing that I will never forget...when DH asked if the reason the floor in our garage had been freshly apoxied had anything to do with what happened. His response was, "Well, there are just some things that you can't wash off." 

Then about 3 months ago I put little D to bed around 11pm.  I turned his music and projector on and set the night timer on for 45 minutes. I went into our bedroom to brush my teeth. I took the dogs out and then crawled into bed. It only took me a minute to be overcome with the silence....less than 10 minutes after I turned on the music it had been turned off (and DH was asleep next to me). This has contined to happen about once a week. I've been trying to chalk it up to a short in the device.

About a month later DH was in bed sleeping and I went to go check on lil D since the music shut itself off again. I looked downstairs and saw what I can only describe as a shadowy figure moving from my kitchen to my living room. I was so freaked out I ran into lil D's room and closed the door.  He was sound asleep and I watched him sleep for about a half hour. When I finally gathered the courage I went back into our room. I didn't say anything to anyone because I was afraid of sounding like a complete nut. The next evening DH and I were sitting on our couch watching TV when he tells me that twice that day he saw a shadowy figure moving from the kitchen to the living room. I was SO freaked out!!!! 

Then about three weeks ago I was awoken in the middle of the night by a loud crashing sound. I searched the house but was unable to find the source of the noise. The next morning when I went to make lil D his bottle I saw the source of the noise...a solid metal door knob was on the floor in the kitchen. This knob doesn't match any other knob in our house nor is it missing from any door or cabinet in our house. I have NO idea where it came from. 

Then two weeks ago we had my MIL and FIL babysitting my sister and lil D. When I called them after the movie to see how things were going my MIL sounded terrified. When I asked her what was wrong she said that while she has been sitting in the family room watching TV the door to our basement kept opening and closing on its own, twice slamming. She said all the windows in the house were closed and that all three animals were in the room with her.

Finally, two days ago I was in lil D's room feeding him when DH went to take a shower. When he went to put the clothes away in the closet he discovered the door to the attic was again ajar. And then he told me the craziest thing I've ever heard...(keeping in mind that DH is a skeptic and believes there is a logical explanation for most of what has happened) earlier in the day he had been asking out loud if there was some sort of spirit or ghost in the house that it make itself known by slamming the door. I told DH that if he didn't get his proof then I don't know when he will...

So that's the story on our house. That's why I feel our house is haunted. At this point I'm not sure what to do. 

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